And so I begin....

So today I start my blog. It's been sitting a long while in the pipeline and now it is emerging towards the light; happening when the time is right, creeping out now of its own accord and it feels good. Yes, it's going to be rough around the edges, I am certain of it. Having been motionless but very much alive it will need to stretch and find footing.

It is a jungle out there but in my 41 years of weaving my way through only a small corner of it I have now reached a point where I want to share with you not just what I create on canvas, not just the finished article but instead this will be raw, will be about what happens around me, within me, to me and because of me during the process from start to finish. There is so much that inspires me, moves me to create and I want to document it.

I hope you enjoy!

#blog #jungle #create #inspire #emerging #raw #process

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