Sarah Maie Healy. Artist.

Hand painted fine art, portraits, quilling, jewellery, illustration and sculpture direct from the artist Sarah Maie Healy.

Commissioned artworks make stunning gifts. A portrait from a photograph, a bespoke piece of jewellery, a contemporary abstract painting for your home... there is a diverse range here and all art is original, unique and handmade here in Sarah's Berkshire studio. 


Sarah is a graduate from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design and her work entered the main stream in late 2006 when the Royal Yacht Hotel commissioned her for several pieces of contemporary wall art and sculptues for their grand opening in Jersey. She has exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery and The Royal Academy in London and has worked with Koubou Interiors and IDP Interior Design companies in Surrey and Berkshire. She currently sells work via online galleries such as Saatchi Art and London Art. Today her artworks remain immensely popular in restaurants, hotels and private residences around the globe as she works to commission by national and international clients both private and corporate.  

Born in South London 1975 and now living in Berkshire, as a young student she focused on life drawing and figurative illustration. Although painting and drawing was always her first passion, Sarah worked for many years with sculpture. In her twenties and immediately following her education she chose a career path to develop her commercial awareness and broaden her skillset within the corporate industry where she worked for almost six years in new product development designing and developing packaging, corporate identity and design projects. After some years plagued with the notion she should focus on one niche style she has discarded the idea and remains as flexible as ever with a broad specturm of work encompassing a huge variety of media and form. The level of satisfaction she reaches from creating works of art which are sought and displayed by a wide range of collectors is immense. The very fact that she is colouring a small corner of the world with her work is truly a precious part of her life.

"Sarah's abstract work is diverse and contemporary in style, using a range of mixed media to achieve rich textures and vibrant colours. Sarah's paintings explore the relationships between texture and light, are created with and empowered by emotion, they experiment with colour and depth and reach far beyond the visually apparent form to stimulate the viewer's senses" - London Art

" I consider myself a diverse mixed media artist and am inspired by the works of Alberto Giacometti and Turner.  My work is so varied because I have an innate drive to experiment, to grow, learn and discover. Its an adventure to practice... from the control of drawing realism studies from photographs to the expression and freedom of creating abstraction on canvas and being led by a variety of natural resources to study and capture form.